ShinewayTech USA gives back to local community

Source: ShinewayTech     Date: 2019-07-31     Read: 7,003

Many times in today’s fast paced high tech companies we are constantly focusing on the bottom line, which is making sales quota, profit, and staying ahead of our competitors.


This quarter ShinewayTech USA wanted to make difference in our local community.  We teamed up our local Distributor, Apex Optics in Houston.


Our goal was to provide a formal seminar and information about the fiber industry, various applications and hands on training. To our surprise there were many attendees, ranging from professionals (Phds), college students, young adults, even young children (12+ 14 years old), however, the bulk of the attendees were there to re tool their skills and change their careers and enter in the exciting world of Fiber Optics Industry.


Greyson Knapp (CEO from Apex Optics) and Jane Ni (CEO from ShinewayTech USA) lead the course and taught the various applications that fiber optic technology could support, which ranged from telecoms, maritime, oil and gas industry, aeronautical, and defense. The second half of the program extended into hands on training using ShinewayTech’s equipments. During this hour the students learned how to use the fusion splicer, OTDR’s and power meters.


These test equipment are used to find breaks in the fiber links, splice fibers, and measure power.  



Overall, this was a highly engaged seminar, with many questions, interaction, and hands on training by the attendees. Due to the success of this seminar, ShinewayTech USA and Apex Optic will continue these seminars across the USA.


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