Excellent Sales Service

ShinewayTech has dedicated technical sales team that can provide excellent sales service throughout the product sales process. . Its sales personnel are continuously trained on new products and applications. The company's in-field technical staff, internal sales personnel, manufacturers, and distributors have extensive knowledge of the ShinewayTech products and have strong support from the company’s technical support and customer service team.


Instant Hardware and Technical Support

Application engineers and technicians in ShinewayTech technical support team can provide professional technical assistance and recommend applicable products according to the specific requirements of customers. No matter whether the customer is working in the field or in the laboratory, ShinewayTech application engineers can give a quick response and help solve the problem with just one phone call.

Software Support

Many of ShinewayTech products are sold with accompanying software which needs to be updated frequently during the use of the instrument. ShinewayTech technical support staff will update the software in time and help customers understand the update information and learn how to use it.

For any help, please contact support@shinewaytech.com.