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    ShinewayTech MTP-200 series OTDR Major Upgrade

    The widely favored ShinewayTech MTP-200 series OTDR has come with a major upgrade. Recently, ShinewayTech launched the new MTP-200 based on the Linux operating system. The new operating system brings more convenient features and unlimited application expansion possibilities to the OTDR. The new interface is even more beautiful and friendly, which optimizes operational efficiency and maintains the ease of use of ShinewayTech OTDR. It also upgrades the CPU and memory performance with significant performance improvements for large data processing and multitasking. With the upgrade of the new operating system and core hardware, the MTP-200 series will better serve the increasingly complexity and challenges that our global customers face every day.

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    ShinewayTech released 6G Spectrum Analyzer FSA-100

    ShinewayTech introduce brand new FSA-100 series Spectrum Analyzer. FSA-100 ranges from 9KHz-6GHz covering 2G/3G/4G/5G spectrums. FSA-100 has a rare-seen high receiver sensitivity performance with a minimum display average noise level of -165dBm/Hz. Power measurement dynamic range up to 100dB, maximum RF input power exceeds 27dBm. FSA-100 equip a 7" ultra-large capacitive touch screen with excellent user experience.

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    Visit ShinewayTech on CommnuicAsia 2016

    ShinewayTech will take part in the 27th Communications and Information Technology Exhibition & Conference - CommnuicAsia 2016. We hereby sincerely invite and warmly welcome you and your company representatives to visit our booth during the exhibtion, and further discussion for the business oppotunities between us.

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    [Promotion] CAA-100 Cable & Antenna Analyzer, Up to 6GHz! NEW

    ShinewayTech® CAA-100 cable & antenna analyzer can test Return Loss and VSWR of load’ frequency. Also can get Return Loss, VSWR of DTF (distance-to-fault) and Cable Loss. Users can be easy to know the connection of cable & antenna system is reliable whether or not. CAA-100 series with frequency range 25MHz-6GHz and 60dB dynamic range can suitable for 2G/3G/4G/WiMAX system etc. CAA-100 series is the necessary measuring instrument for the new generation of wireless network development, upgrade and maintenance.

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    [Call for sample] GET-100 1G Ethernet Tester, Small-Stable-Smart NEW

    ShinewayTech NEW product GET-100 is a handheld 10M/100M/1000M gigabit Ethernet tester, used for the Ethernetinstallation, operation and maintenance services. The GET - 100 design in a small and portable device which provides packet capture, network monitoring, networkperformance testing, data generation, test leads and error test functions in an organic whole unit. It is widely used in network layer 1/2/3 BER test and RFC - 2544 test. GET-100 help maintenance people to quickly locate fault and analysis network

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