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MTP-50 Series Handheld OTDR       

Compact, Versatile, Easy-to-use, Cost-effective OTDR

MTP-50 series OTDR offers more testing capacities, flexibility and value with combination of optical fiber testing and RJ45 cable testing functions together which includes Auto OTDR, Expert OTDR, Link Image, Optical Power Meter, Stabilized Laser Source, Optical Loss Test, Visual Fault Locator, RJ45 Cable Length, RJ45 Cable Sequence and RJ45 Cable Tracker. With considerate function of LED flashlight and high capacity of 6600mAh lithium battery, it helps the technicians operate OTDR in dark environment and at remote work site without worrying about running out of battery power. MTP-50 series OTDR is your ideal test instrument for optical fiber installation and maintenance which meets various testing requirements of entire fiber network.


Key Features:

●Compact, handheld, lightweight & easy to use

●5 inch capacitive touch screen for easily operation and quick response

●Fast boot-up for fiber troubleshooting and restoration

●Multi-tasking operation which can perform OTDR, OPM and VFL function simultaneously

●Dual wavelength testing with dynamic range of 24/22dB

●Short-distance performance with 1.5m event dead zone and 8m attenuation dead zone

●Auto OTDR/Expert OTDR/Averaging/Real time test

●Link Image – smart Icon-based map view by multi pulse widths acquisition 

●Built-in Stabilized Laser Source, Optical Power Meter, Optical Loss Testing and VFL   

●Optional RJ45 cable testing function supported: RJ45 cable length, RJ45 cable sequence and RJ45 cable tracker(Available for ADVANCED models)

●Pass/Fail assessment and ORL test function

●8G memory card, supporting more than 200,000 test records storage

●OTDR trace file generation (.sor)

●PC software for batch data processing

●USB power charging and data transfer

●Screenshot easily in any interface

●8 hrs continuous operation/20 hrs standby


Multi-touch Touchscreen

5.0 inch multi-touch capacitive touchscreen can make OTDR operations simple and intuitive. The technicians can easily tap, pinch and drag by fingers with quick OTDR response


OTDR View Modes

MTP-50 series OTDR can generate and display events by traditional TRACE view and MAP view. Traditional TRACE view is showed by OTDR waveforms and event markers while MAP view is with simple, icon-based map for easy interpretation of fiber network events.



Simply pressing one single button, powering by fully automated and optimized test parameter setup, MTP-50 series OTDR can process OTDR measurement, detects and comprehensively analyze network events with PASS/FAIL judgement based on user-defined thresholds. It greatly helps OTDR beginners operate OTDR more efficiently.


Expert OTDR

OTDR test parameters can be set manually depending on test requirements or the technicians skill level. The fiber trace is displayed and results are listed in event table including total fiber length, total link loss, fiber attenuation, etc.


Link Image

Link Image software helps technicians use an OTDR more efficiently, without the need to understand  or interpret OTDR results. Measurement acquisitions with multi pulse widths and smart algorithm enable the technicians to detect and comprehensively characterize network events by pressing one single button. Simple icon-based map view for easy interpretation of network events with PASS/FAIL judgement as per user-defined thresholds.

●Icon-based fiber link view of all events

●Automatic pass/fail results

●Eliminates the need for OTDR expertise


Visual Fault Locator

Outputs red light for checking continuity of launch fibers or short patch cord. Breaks and bending in fiber can be identified visually. 


Optical Power Meter 

●No warm-up

●High accuracy, zero shift

●Reference setting

●Absolute power value and power loss  measurement 


Stabilized Laser Source

Stabilized Laser Source shares OTDR optical port and work on the same working wavelength of OTDR. The output power can be adjustable for different testing applications. With modulated light at 270Hz/330Hz/1kHz/2kHz, it can be used for fiber identification or continuity check purpose on a live fiber network.


Optical Loss Test

Optical loss test is a key basic function for confirming the optic fiber installation condition and fault status. Light source shares with OTDR ports outputs laser light. The optical power meter function is embedded into a separate port which supports optical loss measurement by one single tester.


RJ45 Cable Test (Available for ADVANCED models)


Optimized Interface design 


USB Power Charging and Data Transfer 

USB port can be used for power charging and data transfer which is very convenient for technicians operation in the filed. No need to carry a bulky AC adaptor anymore and even can be charged by portable power bank. 



Leveraged by excellent hardware design, the technicians can perform multiple functions simultaneously. For example, the technicians can conduct OTDR testing on a particular fiber while checking the power level by OPM function or identifying the fiber with VFL function simultaneously on other fiber cores.


Multi-language User Interface

Supported with Mutli-language user interface, the technicians can operate MTP-50 series OTDR with their native language easily and smoothly.


Simple Firmware Upgrades

Firmware upgrades can be performed easily via USB Type C port which connecting with PC.


OTDR PC Software

OTDR PC software can display, analyze and edit trace files, generate and print comprehensive test and analysis reports.

●Trace viewing, events analysis 

●Flexible batch printing

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